5 secrets to hit your fitness goals —- 5️⃣ Eat clean…

5 secrets to hit your fitness goals
—- 5️⃣ Eat clean...

5 secrets to hit your fitness goals
—- 5️⃣ Eat cleanly and in amounts that support your daily activity. –
Specifically, eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Eat some fruits and limit your starches. Avoid all added sugars and artificial sweeteners. We know, it’s hard to do, but this is your health we’re talking about, right? –
Only eat what you need to support your total daily energy expenditure. Come see us and get an InBody body composition scan. We’ll tell you. —-
4️⃣ Get plenty of rest and good quality sleep. –
7-8 hours of quality sleep per night is the minimum recommendation we make for our athletes. Less than that leaves your system at low energy levels the next day. —-
3️⃣ Get in a workout, but don’t stay at the gym for more than an hour or so. –
We exercise to be more functional humans for the length of our lives. Don’t stay cooped up in the gym for 2-3 hours. Get outside and enjoy life. 60 minutes of warm-up, strength training, coordination, balance and bodyweight training at relatively medium to high intensity is enough.
2️⃣ Set realistic, measurable goals for yourself and hold yourself accountable to them.

Set some goals. Want to lose weight? Get leaner? Get more energy? Fit into that old pair of jeans? What to be more confident? Think hard about what you want. What are you no longer willing to tolerate? Write it down. Then think about how you’d feel when you achieve those goals. Be objective with your progress and measure and test in as many ways as you can.
1️⃣ Show up and be consistent.

This isn’t a short term project. This isn’t a 6-week challenge. This is your health and well-being at stake. Making real, lasting change will be hard. Understand that going in. But all you have to do is keep showing back up and taking a small step to get better each day.

Life is a game of inches. Fight for your inch each day. Be consistent with your training, exercise, and activity. Be consistent with your diet. Be consistent with your rest. Listen to your body. Over time you’ll be within arms reach of who you want to become – a better, more complete, realer version of you.
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