Shane’s Story

Hey! My name is Shane Ethier and I was born and raised here in Louisville, KY. I’m happily married to my wonderful wife, Kourtney, and we have a beautiful seven year-old daughter with another on the way. I became a Level 1 CrossFit coach February 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed pushing people to reach their full potential physically and mentally. Helping people achieve healthier lifestyles and improve themselves is my true passion. I started my CrossFit journey July 2019 when a friend invited me to try a 42 day challenge to lose 20 lbs. It was during the course of that challenge that I lost 28 lbs and gained a true passion for CrossFit. I’ve always been an avid runner but CrossFit made me love lifting and pushing myself harder than I knew I could. At my heaviest in life I was 315 lbs and today I’m 200. As reluctant as I was to first join the CrossFit community, it has truly changed my life for the better and continues to do so. I’m excited to further my CrossFit coaching at Fern Creek CrossFit and be along side each of you as we encourage each other and grow together as the gym family we know and love. See you in the box!

Training Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Burgener Strength – Weightlifting Level 1

Quote from Shane

…make piece with the mirror and watch your reflection change.

-Author Unknown