CrossFit Terms

Below is a list of terms, words, and phrases you typically hear in a CrossFit class at Fern Creek CrossFit.

Basic Terms

  1. MetCon:  Metabolic Conditioning
  2. AMRAP:  As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible in a given timeframe.
  3. EMOM:  Every Minute on the Minute
  4. Rx:  Prescribed parameters for a given exercise or movement (like the amount of weight on a barbell).
  5. PR:  Personal record.
  6. Rep:  A repetition or one instance of a given exercise.
  7. Set:  A group of repetitions.
  8. WOD:  Workout of the day.
  9. Box:  A CrossFit gym.
  10. CFT:  CrossFit Total –  The combined weight of your max squat, press, and deadlift.
  11. Chipper:  A workout with high reps and more movements done one time through in order (you chip away at it).
  12. Ladder: A workout with an ascending or descending rep pattern.
  13. ROM:  Range of Motion.

 Exercise and Movement Library

View more than 80 standard CrossFit exercise videos to get a better understanding of specific movements and requirements. This list includes things like air squats, thrusters, the kipping pull-up, and warm-up routines like the Burgener Warm-up.

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