Meg’s Story

Meg is originally from a small town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati where she was an NCAA athlete for the UC Women’s Rowing Team. While at UC she met her husband Greg. They have one lionhearted little girl named Charleigh. After college, it was on to Baltimore, Maryland, before settling down in Louisville, Kentucky.

Training Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED Certificate

Meg’s greatest joys include family, meeting new people and being a steadfast part of the strong community at Fern Creek CrossFit. She believes CrossFit is entirely inclusive, thus no one should feel left out or unable to participate in leading a healthier, active lifestyle.

CrossFit was introduced to Meg by luck but quickly turned into a passionate way of life. Meg has been able to push beyond her physical and mental limitations in the box and continues to do so today. She feels CrossFit is unique because of the empowering group atmosphere, which enables you to realize the only real barrier is yourself.

Quote from Meg

I genuinely care about how people feel and I feel my strongest when those around me are happy. I hope CrossFit brings you the same happiness it has brought me.