Follow our nutritional guidelines for 8 weeks in order to see fat loss, muscle gain, and overall body composition changes.

Need some healthy recipes? Here’s some recipes we love.

Challenge Dates

Fall 2019

November 3, through December 15, 2019 (6 weeks total).

First InBody scan will be November 2. Final InBody scan will be December 15. The winners will be determined by a breakdown of points accumulated during the challenge, fat loss, and muscle gain.

Challenge Includes

  • Two InBody body composition scans (one at the beginning and one at the end)
  • Two 15 minute nutrition coaching sessions to set & review your challenge goals
  • Customized macronutrient plan
  • Accountability with point tracking system that rewards healthy habits and fitness activities
  • Biweekly checkin with your nutrition coach
  • Private Facebook group with challenge participants to share the journey
  • Nutrition resources to help you throughout the challenge including guides, food lists, video tutorials, etc.
  • Prizes and incentives to keep you motivated and on track

Get Real Results

From Nutrition Coaching Clients

Body transformation at Fern Creek CrossFit

In the beginning of the challenge I thought I would be hungry all of the time, but that was just the opposite. It felt like I was eating all day until I went to bed.

When I started, my ‘dry weight’ was 200.5 lbs, with a goal between 185-190 lbs, and my body fat was 22.1%. By the end of the challenge, my weight was at 189.8 lbs, with body fat of 17%, and 1 lb of muscle gained in the process.

With the small changes with diet, counting calories, and using My Fitness Pal, I saw BIG changes in my body overall! Needless to say I was very happy with the results!

Eddie C.
Body transformation at Fern Creek CrossFit

The results I wanted were always within reach. I knew which foods were good and which to avoid. I just couldn’t do it on my own with any consistency. I needed the structure of our nutrition programs and accountability of our nutrition coaches. Within weeks I began to see and feel the results.

When I started my journey my BMI was over 32, my body fat percentage was 29% and I weighed over 280 lbs. I am now 225 lbs. and have body fat percentage of 16.5%. My goal is sub 15% body fat but with a sustainable lifestyle with exercise and nutrition. The good news is that I’ve found exactly what I need at Fern Creek CrossFit.

John S.

Challenge Price

$89 per person.
Paid at registration.