Tough Love 3

Tough Love 2 - CrossFit Competition

Life is tough, but so are you!

We love tough, gritty folks who like to work hard, compete and have fun. So we’re back with Tough Love 3.

For A Great Cause

This year we are partnering with the Nick Rodman Legacy Foundation in support of The Center for Women and Families.  Our efforts are focused on recognizing and supporting strong women in our family, gym family, and community. 

We are excited to donate a portion of the event proceeds to the Nick Rodman Foundation, benefiting The Center of Women and Families. We will also be collecting donations for the center during the event. Many of the center’s clients depend on donations of clothes, toiletries, and other personal items as they often flee violent situations without the ability to bring belongings with them.

Here’s a list of the types of items we will be collecting. To ensure optimal hygiene, safety, and comfort, we ask that all donated items be new and unused.

The Nick Rodman Legacy Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to honoring Officer Nick Rodman’s sacrifice. Nick’s legacy will carry on forever as we support and give back to those in need within the Louisville community- the city Nick was born and raised in and died while protecting. The city he loved and respected with his whole heart.

The Center for Women and Families provides trauma-informed advocacy and support for individuals, families and communities affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

About the Competition

This is a masters, scaled and Rx CrossFit team competition. It features 2-person teams (male/male and female/female) in one of the most exciting series of workouts in the Louisville area.

Athletes will compete in 4 challenging WODs throughout the day at Fern Creek CrossFit. The winning team in each division will receive a cash prize. Health and fitness vendors will be on site during the competition as well. Spectators are welcomed!

Total cash & prize value up for grabs:


For all three divisions: Rx, Masters, & Scaled

Dates & Times

All Divisions

Saturday, February 8, 2020.

Registration begins at 7:30AM.

First event begins at 8:30AM.


  • Rx Men’s Team
  • Rx Women’s Team
  • Masters (35+) Men’s Team
  • Masters (35+) Women’s Team
  • Scaled Men’s Team
  • Scaled Women’s Team

Registration Cost

$150 per team.


Scoreboard will be posted on the day of the event.

Cash & Prizes

Rx Division

First place team: $300 + prize
Second place team: $150 + prize
Third place team: $50 + prize

Masters Division

First place team: Prize
Second place team: Prize
Third place team: Prize

Scaled Division

First place team: Prize
Second place team: Prize
Third place team: Prize

Minimum Movement Standards

Rx & Masters Divisions

  • Double unders
  • Clean & Jerk 135-lbs. /95-lbs.
  • Snatch 135-lbs./95-lbs.
  • Thruster 135-lbs./105-lbs.
  • Wall ball 20-lbs./14-lbs.
  • Pull- ups
  • Chest to bar pull-ups
  • Bar muscle ups
  • Handstand push up
  • Kettlebell swing 70-lbs./53-lbs.
  • DB snatch 50-lbs./35-lbs.
  • Deadlift 225-lbs./155-lbs.
  • Toes to Bar
  • Box jump 30”/24”

Scaled Division

  • Single unders
  • Clean & Jerk 95-lbs. /65-lbs.
  • Snatch 95-lbs./65-lbs.
  • Thruster 115-lbs./85-lbs.
  • Wall ball 14-lbs./10-lbs.
  • Pull -ups
  • Chest to bar pull-ups
  • Wall walk
  • Kettlebell swing 53-lbs./35-lbs.
  • DB snatch 35-lbs./20-lbs.
  • Deadlift 185-lbs./135-lbs.
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Box Step Ups 24”/20”


Event 1: “Double Date”

Workout Summary

For total time:
“Grace” – 30 Clean and Jerks
“Isabelle” – 30 Snatches

Time Cap: 10 minutes



Men 135 lb.
Women 95 lb.


Men 95 lb.
Women 65 lb.

Masters: (Ages 35+)

Men 115 lb.
Women 85 lb.

Event 1 Movement Standards

Event 2: “Frantic Fran”

Workout Summary

For Time: 10 Minute Time Cap


Thruster and Pull-up, Chest-to-Bar, and Bar Muscle-up
Thrusters increasing in weight and technical bar work progression each round.


Round of 30 – Thruster and Pull-Up
  • RX – 95/65
  • Scaled – 75/45 and Ring Row
  • Master – 85/55 and Pull-Up
Round of 20 – Thruster and Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
  • RX – 115/85
  • Scaled – 95/65 and Pull-Up
  • Master – 105/75 and Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
Round of 10 – Thruster and Bar Muscle-Up
  • RX – 135/105
  • Scaled – 115/85 and Chest-to-Bar Pull-up
  • Master – 125/95 and Bar Muscle-Up

Event 3: “Chasing Karen”

Workout Summary

Two part workout with two scoring outputs. 

For Time: 150 Wall Balls – 10 Minute Time Cap

For Repetitions: Maximum Calories on Assault Bike

  1. Partner A will begin with wall balls while Partner B begins accumulating calories on the assault bike.
  2. Partners may transition at any time they choose, however upon transitioning there will be a (5) synchronized burpee penalty before proceeding with the workout.
  3. Partner completing the wall ball shots must remain in constant motion.  Any stopping, dropping of the wall ball, or pause will result in a requirement to transition, and the (5) synchronized burpee penalty will apply.
  4. Your team will receive two scores for this event.  Total time to complete 150 wall ball shots and maximum calories accumulated on assault bike within that same time.


Rx – 20/14 and 10’/9′

Scaled – 14/10 and 10’/9′

Masters – 20/14 and 10’/9′

Floater Event: TBA

Parking Information

Event parking

How to Register

Go to Competition Corner Tough Love 3. Click the REGISTER NOW button to get started.

From there you can register as an athlete, select your division, and create your team.

If you have any questions or issues registering please contact us.