Welcome to the Fern Creek CrossFit family!

The purpose of our Couch to CrossFit course is to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for attending our regular CrossFit classes in a safe and effective way. This program is made up of multiple sessions with the first part designed to teach you how fitness and CrossFit are defined, the foundational movements of CrossFit, and give you a introduction to nutrition.

We teach movements in this order:

  1. Safely: Proper form is a must! We want to ensure each person can perform movements with effective technique.
  2. Consistently: Performing movements with proper form repetitively.
  3. With Intensity: Increasing the difficulty of the movement by adding weight,  increasing speed, doing more repetitions, etc.

Couch to CrossFit is a place you will learn how to move properly and understand how to scale movements and loads to meet you at your level of fitness. CrossFit offers an infinite number of workouts and hundreds of movements to learn, so don’t worry if it all feels overwhelming. You can’t learn everything in one month of training. We have coaches in every class to help all of our athletes, from those right out of the Couch to CrossFit course to experienced individuals in their 5th year of CrossFit.

Couch to CrossFit Course Details


You have 4 personal training sessions with your Couch to CrossFit coach. You can work with them to schedule those 4 sessions within about a 2 week window.

After those 4 sessions are completed, you begin a 2-week transition into our CrossFit group class. We recommend choosing 2-3 days each of those weeks to come in and get acclimated to the training schedule. We expect you to attend each class and show up on time, ready to workout.

The nutrition coach will reach out to you and schedule a time for your nutrition consultation.

What to Bring

  • Workout clothes
  • Athletic shoes
  • Water

What You’ll Learn

The core of our Couch to CrossFit course focuses on the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. These movements are broken into a series of progressive steps across 3 categories: Squats, Presses, and Lifts. Within each category, the movement pattern goes from simple to complex. It’s important to gain understanding at the simplest levels first before moving forward.

  • Squats
    • Air Squat
    • Front Squat
    • Overhead Squat
  • Presses
    • Shoulder Press
    • Push Press
    • Push Jerk
  • Lifts
    • Deadlift
    • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
    • Med Ball Clean

Each one of these 9 movements is the foundation of more advanced movements in CrossFit. When you master these movements you will become inherently better at their advanced counterparts.  Even experienced CrossFit athletes will see plateaus in PR’s, WOD times, and their physical results because of breakdowns in these fundamental movements.

As Coach Glassman says, “the beauty is in the movements.”  You will be a more effective human by becoming a master at these 9 movements.

If you want to look ahead or ever need to review, check out these video demos.

Baseline Workout

At the beginning of the Couch to CrossFit course, you’ll complete a baseline workout and record your time. Once the course is complete we will repeat that same workout to track your progress and see your improvement. You can download a copy of the baseline workout sheet here.

Course Discussion Notes

During the first few training sessions we’ll briefly talk about the definition of CrossFit, the definition of fitness, and how nutrition plays a significant role in our training and quality of life. You can download those discussion notes to review using the following links:


Am I allowed to attend any other classes besides Couch to CrossFit?

Typically, no you are not. However, this is at the discretion of the coaches. The regular class times are open once you finish the course. We do encourage you to participate in any of our group activities outside the gym (ie hiking, swimming, etc.).

What if I don’t feel ready for the regular CrossFit classes after the Couch to CrossFit course is done?

Entering the group class can be an intimidating transition. Depending upon skill and comfort level, we may advise personal training sessions to bolster knowledge of the core movements and increase your confidence prior to entering the regular class.

Is it OK to exercise between Couch to CrossFit sessions?

We don’t recommend it. Generally this is to ensure that you recover properly between classes so that you can arrive at each class ready to work hard. We encourage you to continue with your regular activities and leave the high intensity training to us for now. We do, however, recommend mobility and stretching activities to help alleviate soreness you may feel from the workouts.

What do all the acronyms and words written on the whiteboard really mean?

Like most programs, CrossFit has a lot of jargon we use to describe workouts. Check out this CrossFit terms page to see some of the common ones.

What is “Fitness in 100 words”?

It’s our “elevator pitch” on what defines world class fitness and what we try to do when we participate in CrossFit. Read the full Fitness in 100 Words here.

What Happens After Couch to CrossFit?

Once you graduate, you can now attend any class available. There are no beginner or advanced classes. You can come to any other class and jump right in. Don’t be shy, we’ve all been the newbie. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how welcoming our Fern Creek CrossFit family can be. There’s a coach in every class to help breakdown and scale the movements. Our CrossFit class schedule is available here.

Monthly Membership Options

After Couch to CrossFit, if you’d like to continue your training, we offer CrossFit Unlimited and Personal Training options. There are no sign up fees, no cancellation fees, and no hidden costs. All memberships are month to month. View our pricing and program information here.

More About the Gym, Coaches and Community at FCCF

We encourage you to get to know the gym community as much as you can. We’re like a family at Fern Creek CrossFit and want to encourage each other to get better everyday. Learn more about the gym and our coaches here.

We have a Fern Creek CrossFit VIP Facebook group for members to communicate and you are welcomed to join. Check with a coach to get connected via Facebook. The group is available here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539347756155929/