Couch to CrossFit

Are you new to CrossFit? A little intimidated by the thought of walking into a CrossFit gym? THAT’S OK!

Everyone once had to start at the beginning. Our workouts and “CrossFit Specific Movements” allow for a wide range of modification and adjustment to meet the physical abilities of EVERY athlete, even those with no previous experience.

How This Program Will Benefit You

  • Get leaner, stronger, and more confident in your own skin. Lose body fat. Get better rest. Gain more energy throughout the day.
  • Help restore movement you may have lost from inconsistent exercise, aging, an injury, or inactivity.
  • Learn how to stand up and sit down using the correct muscles. Learn how to brace your core when picking something up off the ground or lifting something over your head. We use safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life.
  • Safely elevate your heart rate to improve your cardiovascular system. In CrossFit workouts, intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.
  • Your doctor may also notice other improvements. How about improvements in your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and good numbers on your annual physical?

Getting Started with CrossFit

There’s no need to get “into shape” before trying CrossFit. Our beginner course is designed to be just like the on-ramp on a highway: it slowly gets you up to speed before merging in with the rest of the cars and trucks.

Every workout can be adjusted so every single person (even you) can do a version of that workout. This is true whether you’re 5 years old or over 100. It’s true whether you’re fit or overweight, healthy or sick. In this program we’ll help you understand that and cover the CrossFit fundamentals, movements, and basics to make a gradual transition into our group classes.

Ready to talk with a Coach?

Click “Get Started” to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable coaching staff to discuss your goals and how we can help!

Program Details

  • 5 one-hour sessions of individual instruction. Scheduled when it is convenient for you!
  • Assessment of your current fitness level.
  • Help moving and working out safely and consistently.
  • Smooth transition into regular classes at your pace.
  • 1-on-1 foundational training with our coaches.
  • Breakdown of fundamental CrossFit movements: squats, presses, and lifts.
  • InBody body composition scan for objective measurements to create a nutrition plan to support your training.
  • First group CrossFit class under the 1-on-1 supervision of your personal Coach.
  • Unlimited group CrossFit classes for the remainder of the first month following the completion of the Couch to CrossFit program.

Following the completion of the Couch to CrossFit program, members will be enrolled in our unlimited group CrossFit program.

“When I train, I erase all limits and expectations of what I can do. I am powerful and anything is possible”.

-Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, CrossFit athlete