COVID-19 Updates 11/19/2020

⠀We are OPEN!

Yesterday, Governor Beshear released new, temporary restrictions for gyms, and while they are not ideal, they will not prevent you from working out at Fern Creek CrossFit.⠀

The team at FCCF remains committed to providing you a safe atmosphere, an inviting community, and a path forward to ReWriting Your Story!

Let’s dive into the changes: ⠀

All Classes Become “Open Gym” Time Slots

The major news is that group classes are prohibited in the short-term; but, gyms are still allowed to operate at 33% occupancy, which we already adhere to.⠀So, starting Saturday at 9am, classes will become “On Your Own” Open Gym timeslots. You will still reserve your spot (as if you were headed to a class) and sign-in to your reservation.⠀⠀

Time slots will consist of 45 minute increments, limited to 18 participants, beginning at 5:30am, 6:30am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. We will be reviewing options available to add more time slots in the near future. Please follow the FCCF VIP page on Facebook for updates.

When you arrive, a Coach will be available on the floor as a monitor to answer questions, verify COVID-19 precautions, and to ensure athlete safety, however they are prohibited from leading a class. That means you will arrive and work through the Warm-Up, Strength, and WOD on your own, to finish up within your hour timeslot. Athletes please make sure to thoroughly read through the programming notes in SugarWod. The notes will provide additional guidance to assist with a successful workout.

Coaches can help answer questions, but you’ll need to move through the pieces as if they were pushing you along, so you don’t exceed your 45 minutes.⠀ ⠀

Masks Now Required At All Times ⠀

Everyone in the gym MUST have a mask on at all times. We recognize the strain and burden this may cause during the course of your workout, however we must adhere to the restrictions given to us at this time.

We encourage athletes with medical conditions to evaluate their situation and make appropriate decisions that benefit their health first and foremost. Prior to jumping into your first WOD with a mask, take an opportunity to review some Do’s and Don’ts.

Virtual Programming Options

Not comfortable participating in workouts in the gym? We will be working to open up online virtual options. Please contact us at to discuss options.

Moving Forward

We are in accordance with the remainder of the requirements, so these are the only changes taking place at this time.⠀PLEASE make sure to follow the existing Member Procedures when in the facility.

Governor Beshear stated a 3-6 week timeline on these changes. We’ll keep you updated on any further guidance, as we know it.⠀⠀


Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep Fern Creek CrossFit safe and open to the community.

CrossFit Preferred Course: The Gymnastics Course

The Gymnastics Course (formerly CrossFit Gymnastics) is coming BACK TO LOUISVILLE on November 7 and 8, 2020.

Fern Creek CrossFit will be hosting this event at our new location at 4756 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40218.

It’s a 2-day course where you’ll learn practical skills and methods to improve your understanding of gymnastics movements and principles.

Great for coaches or anyone who trains themselves or others to increase strength development, core control, and spatial awareness.

For more information on this CrossFit Preferred seminar, including the daily schedule and cost, check out The Gymnastics Course , or follow them on social media.

Hot off the presses Kipping it Real with Coach Meg is back!

Hot off the presses Kipping it Real with Coach Meg is back!

If you’re new around here or have forgotten how we do things, we have GOT to start with some bright spots! It has been far too long. Let’s start with our fearless member Gina Egnor. Gina was shockingly diagnosed with Lyphoma in July. She has since been fighting the ultimate fight and just completed her last round of chemo this past Wedneday. Radiation is next in her ongoing battle, but there is no mountain she can’t climb. We are SO proud of you, Gina!

Fern Creek CrossFit officially moved.

We moved right down the street (4756 Bardstown Road) from our previous facility. Instead of being behind a doughnut shop, you can now find us next to a protein shake shop! Talk about convenient. Our new facility is simply stunning! Showers, 4 bathrooms, a sauna, a massive rig, top notch equipment, and space for days! This leads me to my next bright spot, Coach Erick and Coach Bryan. These two were an essential part of the development, design, and execution of the new gym. Countless hours, days, weeks, and months were devoted into making this facility the best it can be. Not only did they deliver, they exceeded any and all expectations. Myself, the coaching staff, and the members of our fit family are forever grateful to both of you for what you’ve created.

This goes hand in hand in hand with Coach Brian and Coach Trent, the owners of Fern Creek CrossFit. They both must be thanked for this new facility because without them, none of this would be possible. We are all truly appreciative.

Bright Spots

Bright spots are well… bright, however, there is an elephant in the room and it’s that this pandemic won’t go away. COVID came in with a vengeance and closed us down for several months. We’ve all been careful since reopening, but we have had to make some changes in the past week for your safety. All athletes must register for a class via Zen Planner and check-in once they have arrived. This is mandatory. Please make sure you have a facial covering until you are in your designated workout zone. Again, this is for your safety and our coaches safety. Use of the sauna has been suspended indefinitely. Clean your equipment fully, this includes anything you came in contact with. We all have to do our part.

Toys for Tots!

Announcement time! Starting this Friday, November 20th, we will be collecting toys for our annual Toys for Tots toy drive. This will be our third year participating with Toys for Tots. The Marines will be picking up the toys earlier than in past years to allow time to disinfect all of the toys. When asked what kind of toys they were in need of most, the representative quickly answered boys and girls items, ages 12-17 years. This age is easily overlooked. Gifts for this age could include things like makeup sets, cologne, basketballs, skateboards, headphones, blow dryers, curling irons, and assorted electronics.

That’s it for today! Thanks for taking time out of your day to catch up around here. Go do a random act of kindness and check back soon for another edition of Kipping it Real with Coach Meg!

CrossFit Preferred Course: Buddy Lee Jump Rope Work Shop

The Buddy Lee Jump Rope Work Shop is coming TO LOUISVILLE on December 19, 2020.

Fern Creek CrossFit will be hosting this event at our new location at 4756 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40218.

This Jump Rope workshop is a world class interactive, high-energy and fun seminar at which participants learn how to use a simple and effective tool to enhance their programming and workouts of the day.

The Jump Rope workshop is created by US Olympian Buddy Lee, inventor, author and longtime CrossFit® proponent, and former SME who is widely recognized as the world’s foremost jump-rope authority in fitness and sports conditioning. Participants will learn a time tested and proven system used by fitness enthusiasts and some of the world’s Greatest athletes to include Olympic teams, CrossFit® World Games athletes, UFC World champions and multiple sports.

For the first time ever participants will be offered a clear path and proven methodology to master elusive jump-rope skills such as singles, speed, double-unders, triple-unders and more.

For more information on this CrossFit Preferred seminar, including the daily schedule and cost, check out The Buddy Lee CrossFit Jump Rope Course .

COVID-19 Updates

With the recent increase in COVID 19 cases, and Jefferson County being listed as a red zone for COVID 19 cases, we have made the decision to update our COVID 19 policies.  We ask that you follow these in conjunction with the already established policies.

These are being implemented immediately and we recognize it may take a couple of days for these changes to reach all members.  Coaches will be providing reminders.  Please be patient.

We will be updating our policies on the website, and will be providing printed reminders in the gym.

COVID 19 Guideline Updates

  1. We will return to using separated athlete workout zones.  Class sizes will remain at 18 unless the layout forces a change in participation count.
  2. It is MANDATORY for all athletes to RSVP, and check-in once they arrive at the gym using their personal electronic device.
  3. Athletes will be required to wait in their vehicle until the class coach allows entry into the facility.
  4. Everyone will be required to wear a facial covering until they are in their designated workout zone.  This includes anytime you are retrieving or stowing equipment, using the rest room, or any other activities outside of the designated workout zone.
  5. Coaches will be required to wear a facial covering while coaching.
  6. Sunday Open Gym will have the same requirements, including RSVP, check-in, waiting in vehicle, workout zones, and facial coverings.
  7. Sauna use will be temporarily discontinued.
  8. Children will be allowed to attend with parents under the following conditions.  If this does not work, we will have to ask that children stay home.
    • Children must always wear facial covering.
    • Must remain up front and separated from others by 6 foot.
    • Temperature checks are required.
    • Must always remain seated.
    • Parents required to disinfect areas prior to leaving.

These requirements are subject to change as conditions change.  Please talk with your coach or e-mail with any questions.

We are moving!

Our community is our main priority, and in order to continue investing in our athletes, we must continually invest in our equipment and facilities. Our current home has served us well, but through the gracious support of our community we are now able to move into a new space, more suited for our activities.

Our new home at 4756 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40218 is located just 1.5 miles north of our current facility on the corner of Bardstown Rd. and Watterson Trail. The new facility will host a grand opening on Saturday October 31, 2020.

The new facility will boast many new improvements including,

  • Multiple restrooms with shower facilities
  • Larger parking areas
  • Easier access in and out of the facility with dedicated traffic lights
  • Improved running areas
  • Air conditioning!

We will be relocating equipment October 23-25, 2020. Class times will be reduced and communicated to all members.

We look forward to seeing you in our new space.