Member Feedback

We Value Your Feedback

“Knowing is half the battle”, G.I. Joe

Communities improve based on the needs of its members. Our CrossFit community is no different. We must stay fluid in our decision making to provide a safe and comforting atmosphere for you to crush your fitness goals.

Without you and your feedback, we become complacent and out of touch with the needs of our community. Over the years, we cannot think of one change, one equipment purchase, one upgrade that did not come as a result of member feedback. Pre-COVID 19 feedback was readily received as we congregated in groups pre and post class, participated in social events outside of the gym and overall just had a better path of communication. That path of communication is now slightly severed, so in the best interest of the community we have created this Member Feedback Portal.

Whether you have positive or “room for improvement” feedback, we highly encourage you to submit that feedback using the email below. This valuable information will help confirm successful changes , and will help promote needed change to our community.

You are free to submit anonymously, but we highly ENCOURAGE transparency so that we can follow up with you!

[email protected]