What is a Goal Setting Session?

We all need goals. In fact, we have goals. We may not have written them down on paper or logged them in a note on our phone, but we have them. For some of us they are simple.

It may be to stay lean and athletic and eliminate body aches and pains. While those are admirable goals it sometimes helps to get more specific. We need to set tangible targets to help push ourselves to better achievements.

For some of us, our goals are big. For instance, maybe you’ve let yourself go a bit over the past months or years. Maybe you need to lose a substantial amount of weight to improve your health. Be very careful of weight loss or measurement loss goals though. As your body composition changes you may very well lose fat and gain muscle and actually see the numbers on the scale increase. The way your clothes fit is a better indicator of your body composition than the number on a scale. Maybe you want to run your first marathon or compete in a competition. But regardless of who you are your goals are always there, stated or otherwise, underpinning the reason you come to the gym… or your need to start.

Every three months we offer to sit down with each of our members for a personalized goal setting session. The aim of these sessions are to dig deep and find out what it is that is really driving you. Then we can help put some numbers to those goals and begin the process of building a plan. It’s the plan and the accountability inherent in creating a plan that often proves to be the most important catalyst to your success.

One of our jobs as coaches is to be a sounding board and guide in your health journey and we’d love a few minutes of your time to see if there’s anything more we can do to help you at the gym. If we haven’t approached you yet, feel free to set up an appointment below. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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