Why CrossFit Works: The Importance of Commitment and Community

CrossFit is a demanding and challenging fitness program that requires hard work, dedication, and discipline. It’s not for the faint of heart or those who are unwilling to put in the effort. But for those who are willing to commit to the program and put in the work, the results can be truly transformational.

Recently, we had an athlete leave us, citing that CrossFit doesn’t work. As a CrossFit gym, this statement hurt us because we firmly believe in the effectiveness of the CrossFit methodology. However, upon further investigation, we discovered that this athlete rarely attended class, didn’t care about proper nutrition, and was attempting to correct years of poor habits in just three months. CrossFit is not a magic pill that can fix everything overnight. It requires consistent effort and dedication to see results.

At Fern Creek CrossFit, we understand the commitment required for success in the CrossFit program. Our coaching staff is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and supporting you on your journey. But success in CrossFit is a two-way street. You must be willing to put in the effort and dedication required to achieve your goals.

One of the most significant benefits of CrossFit is the community that it creates. You’ll find a supportive and encouraging group of people who will push you to be your best self. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting, our community welcomes everyone and celebrates individual accomplishments.

Another important aspect of CrossFit is proper nutrition. A healthy nutrition plan is critical to achieving your fitness goals, and our coaching staff is here to help you develop a nutrition plan that works for you.

In summary, CrossFit is hard work, but the results are worth it. It’s not a magic pill or a quick fix, and it requires a commitment to consistent effort and dedication. At Fern Creek CrossFit, we believe in the effectiveness of the CrossFit methodology, and our coaching staff is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. But ultimately, your success depends on your commitment to the program.

Scaling vs. RX in CrossFit: Finding the Right Balance for Your Fitness Journey

When it comes to CrossFit workouts, there is often a lot of discussion about “RX” and “scaling”. For those new to CrossFit, these terms can be confusing and intimidating. However, understanding the difference between the two is essential to get the most out of your CrossFit training.

In CrossFit, RX is a term used to describe the prescribed workout, which is the workout as it was designed by the program’s developers. The RX workout is typically intended to be a challenging test of fitness that is appropriate for experienced athletes who are proficient in the movements and can handle the prescribed weights and reps.

On the other hand, scaling refers to modifying the workout to make it more appropriate for the individual’s fitness level, skill level, or injury status. Scaling can involve reducing the weight, decreasing the reps, modifying the movements, or altering the workout’s overall structure.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, and deciding which option is right for you depends on your goals, abilities, and limitations.

Pros and Cons of RX Workouts

One of the main advantages of doing an RX workout is that it allows you to test yourself against the program’s standards and benchmark your progress. Completing an RX workout can be a significant accomplishment and can help you build confidence and motivation.

However, doing an RX workout when you are not ready can be detrimental to your progress and even lead to injury. Attempting a workout with weights that are too heavy or doing movements that you are not proficient in can put you at risk of injury or cause you to develop bad habits that could hinder your progress in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Scaling Workouts

Scaling a workout has many advantages, including reducing the risk of injury, building proper movement patterns, and improving fitness over time. Scaling allows you to focus on quality movement and build strength and endurance gradually, which is critical for long-term progress.

Another significant advantage of scaling is that it allows you to tailor the workout to your fitness level and goals. For example, if you are working towards a specific movement or skill, you can modify the workout to include more of that movement or skill, helping you to progress faster towards your goal.

There is No Shame in Scaling

It is essential to remember that there is no shame in scaling a workout. Every athlete has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and CrossFit is designed to be scalable so that anyone can participate, regardless of their fitness level or experience.

Scaling provides tremendous benefits, including reducing the risk of injury, building proper movement patterns, and improving fitness over time. By scaling, you can focus on quality movement and build strength and endurance gradually, which is critical for long-term progress.

When to Scale a Workout

Knowing when to scale a workout is essential for making progress while avoiding injury. Here are some situations when scaling might be appropriate:

  1. New to CrossFit: If you are new to CrossFit, it is best to start with scaled workouts until you feel comfortable with the movements and have built a base level of strength and endurance.
  2. Injury or Mobility Limitations: If you have an injury or mobility limitation, scaling the workout can help you work around your limitation while still making progress towards your goals.
  3. New Skill or Movement: If you are working on a new skill or movement, scaling the workout to include more of that movement can help you improve faster and build the strength and coordination necessary to perform the movement correctly.

In Conclusion

Understanding the difference between scaling and RX workouts is essential for making progress in CrossFit while avoiding injury. While doing an RX workout can be a significant accomplishment, scaling provides tremendous benefits and should not be viewed as a sign of weakness. Remember, every athlete has different abilities, and CrossFit is designed to be scalable so that anyone can participate, regardless of their fitness level.

Lift-Off starting March 27!

Are you ready to take your Olympic lifting to the next level? Get ready for our upcoming cycle, LIFT-OFF, starting on March 27th! We’re taking a 1-week break to gear up for this 9-week program, which will focus on heavier lifts like the Snatch and Clean.

Our goal for this cycle is to help you replicate good quality lifts, rep after rep. To achieve this, we will be lifting three days a week and incorporating other exercises like Jerks, Front Squats, and Deadlifts into our routine. We’ve separated the Jerk from the Clean to allow for better focus on one movement at a time.

Every day we perform a Snatch or Clean, we will go through the Burgener Warm-Up. This warm-up is a great way to ensure proper technique and get your body ready for the heavier lifts to come. We’ll start everyone off with a PVC pipe and progress to an empty barbell once athletes are comfortable.

It’s important to note that if you want to see improvements in these lifts, incorporating the Burgener Warm-Up every Olympic strength day is essential. By the end of this cycle, we want our athletes to be doing these lifts in their sleep!

So, are you ready to take your lifting to new heights? Join us for LIFT-OFF starting on March 27th and see the progress you can make in just 9 weeks. We can’t wait to see what you’re capable of!

Reflections on the CrossFit Open: Identifying Weaknesses and Achieving Goals

Congratulations on completing the CrossFit Open! Whether this was your first Open or your fifth, you should be proud of yourself for taking on the challenge and pushing yourself to new limits.

The Open is a great opportunity to test your fitness level and identify areas where you can improve. By doing so, you’ve taken a big step towards becoming a better athlete. You’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, and you’re now ready to work on those weaknesses with the help of your coaching staff.

To help you continue on your CrossFit journey and make progress, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Review your scores and performance: Take some time to review your Open scores and performance. Identify the areas where you did well and where you struggled. This will help you determine what you need to work on in the coming months.
  2. Set goals: Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, set some goals for yourself. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). For example, if you struggled with pull-ups during the Open, set a goal to do 10 unbroken pull-ups by a certain date.
  3. Work on your weaknesses: Now that you’ve identified your weaknesses and set goals for yourself, it’s time to work on those weaknesses. Talk to your coaching staff and ask for their help. They can provide you with tips and advice on how to improve.
  4. Train consistently: Consistency is key when it comes to CrossFit. Make sure you’re training regularly and following a well-rounded program that addresses all areas of fitness, including strength, conditioning, and mobility.
  5. Stay motivated: CrossFit can be tough, both physically and mentally. It’s important to stay motivated and committed to your goals. Surround yourself with supportive people, and remember why you started in the first place.
  6. Keep track of your progress: As you work on your weaknesses and train consistently, make sure you’re keeping track of your progress. This will help you stay motivated and see how far you’ve come.

Remember, CrossFit is all about progress and improvement. Every workout and every training session is an opportunity to become a better athlete. By setting goals, working on your weaknesses, and training consistently, you will see progress and achieve your goals.

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Whether it’s hitting a new personal best or mastering a movement you previously struggled with, take the time to acknowledge your achievements and feel proud of yourself.

As you continue on your CrossFit journey, stay motivated and committed to your goals. Surround yourself with supportive people and remember that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

So keep pushing yourself, keep working on your weaknesses, and keep striving for progress. You’ve got this!

State of the Fern Creek CrossFit Community: Growing Stronger Together

Dear Fern Creek CrossFit members,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the state of our community. Firstly, I’m delighted to report that our community is growing organically, and we’re thrilled to welcome new members who share our passion for fitness, inclusivity, and respect.

As a community, we have seen firsthand the transformative power of fitness and the impact that it can have on our lives. But, we also know that the power of the community can never be underestimated. Together, we have supported each other through challenges, cheered each other on through victories, and lifted each other up in times of need.

We are now in a position to return to out-of-the-gym community activities in the near future. We can’t wait to organize social events, fundraisers, and other activities that will bring us together and strengthen our bonds as a community.

We’re proud to say that our prices remain as low as possible, and we’re continually evaluating trends in the CrossFit community to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience. It’s worth noting that the prices for local CrossFit gyms are 15-30% higher than our price. Also, we’re currently experiencing an 8-10% higher cost for almost all expenses, but we’re committed to keeping our prices low while maintaining the high standard of service that you’ve come to expect from us.

At Fern Creek CrossFit, we place a high value on our core values of respect, integrity, and inclusivity. We’re committed to demonstrating these values every day, and we believe that it’s our duty to provide you with a welcoming and safe environment that fosters positivity and encourages growth.

We understand that your investment in our community is important, and we’re continually striving to ensure that you recognize a return on that investment. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to CrossFit, we’re here to support you, challenge you, and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Additionally, we recognize that we are always uncertain of what lies ahead, as we have witnessed in past years. However, we believe that by staying committed to our core values and remaining focused on building a supportive and inclusive community, we can weather any storm and emerge stronger together.

We’re proud to have a team of exceptional coaches who are committed to your success, and we’re continually training new staff to ensure that we maintain a high standard of coaching and leadership.

Finally, we remain committed to building a community that prioritizes relationships over head count. Our members are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re here to support each other, encourage each other, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to continuing to grow and thrive together.


Consistency… The defining factor.

Hey there, fellow CrossFitter! If you want to see results and achieve your fitness goals, it’s essential to be disciplined and stay consistent with your workouts.

Discipline is the ability to commit to something even when you don’t feel like doing it. It’s about setting goals, creating a plan, and then sticking to it, no matter what. With CrossFit, discipline means showing up to class regularly, pushing yourself to work harder, and staying committed to your fitness journey.

It’s important to remember that discipline takes practice. You may not feel motivated every day, but the discipline to keep going and pushing yourself will help you see progress over time. The more you show up and put in the work, the easier it will become to stay disciplined.

Another important aspect of discipline in CrossFit is proper nutrition. The food you eat has a significant impact on your performance, and it’s essential to fuel your body with the right nutrients to see results. By sticking to a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy foods, you’re showing discipline and commitment to your fitness goals.

Here are some tips to help you stay consistent and disciplined with your CrossFit routine:

  1. Set realistic goals: Identify what you want to achieve, and set achievable goals. This will help you stay focused and motivated, and give you something to work towards.
  2. Create a routine: Establish a consistent schedule for your CrossFit workouts, and make it a habit. Whether it’s early morning, after work, or on the weekends, find a time that works best for you and stick to it.
  3. Find a workout buddy: Having a friend to workout with can be incredibly motivating and help you stay accountable. Make plans to attend classes together and support each other on your fitness journey.
  4. Celebrate your progress: Don’t forget to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements along the way. Whether it’s hitting a new PR, mastering a challenging movement, or simply showing up consistently, take time to celebrate your progress and keep yourself motivated.

In addition to your CrossFit workouts, it’s also important to find other activities outside of the gym that utilize your fitness and keep you motivated. Here are some ideas:

  1. Hiking or trail running: Find a local park or nature trail and hit the trails for a challenging and scenic workout.
  2. Swimming or water sports: Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health, and water sports like kayaking or paddleboarding can provide a fun and unique workout.
  3. Outdoor sports: Join a local recreational league for sports like soccer, softball, or ultimate frisbee to improve agility and endurance, and have fun with a team.
  4. Dancing: Take a dance class to improve coordination, balance, and cardio fitness, and have fun while doing it.

By incorporating other activities outside of the gym, you can keep your workouts exciting, challenging, and enjoyable. Plus, it provides an opportunity to socialize with others and make new connections. Just remember to stay disciplined and consistent with your exercise routine to achieve your fitness goals.

Remember, consistency and discipline take practice, and it’s okay to have setbacks. Don’t be too hard on yourself and focus on the progress you’ve made. With dedication and commitment, you can achieve amazing things in CrossFit!

In the end, discipline is the key to achieving your fitness goals. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. By staying disciplined and committed to your CrossFit routine, you’ll see progress and achieve your fitness goals in no time. So, let’s show up, put in the work, and stay disciplined to become the best version of ourselves!