We are now Fern Creek CrossFit

First, we want to thank our members SO much for making week 1 of reopening a success. We enjoyed seeing you and we are glad you could get into the gym and move in a safe way. We really appreciate the extra work you’ve all done to keep the gym clean and being patient with our coaches while we’re all living with new health guidelines. We’re learning more every week and will continue to listen to you and our public health officials. We’re excited for the weeks and months to come.

Our country is going through a difficult time so far in 2020. Lives have been impacted greatly by the pandemic and historically with racial injustice and discrimination that many are demonstrating against nationally and in our local community. And now, the CrossFit CEO has weighed in, seemingly fanning the flames of both a serious health and social crisis. We wanted to make it clear to you on where we, the owners of FCCF, stand.

Our mission is to be a family friendly organization that promotes health, fitness, and overall prosperity and to provide an inclusive, safe haven from the chaos of everyday life. 

Our values are as follows:

  • People & relationships over head count
  • Consistency across our services
  • Celebrate bright spots and successes
  • Work together to achieve our goals
  • Committed to a “help first” culture
  • Be accepting of feedback

We stand against behavior that contradicts our values which includes the commentary expressed by the CrossFit CEO. We don’t believe his comments fall in line with our mission. Therefore, the ownership team decided to end our affiliation with CrossFit, effective immediately.


From the very first day we opened our doors in southeast Louisville, Kentucky, our mantra has been “Drive. Positivity. Community.” We love the fitness methodology that CrossFit is built upon: constantly varied, functional movements, performed safely with relative intensity. This methodology has shown to produce real results and made folks healthier and happier. It’s given us an extended family of people who value each others’ success as much as their own. The words of one CEO won’t change that for us.

Given the current social climate of our nation, and especially in our local community, we want to move forward embracing our own stated values in hopes to bring about meaningful change to the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community. Our name may change, but our purpose will not.

“We’re supporting and trying to help people with health and wellness. Not only are you going to come here and get fit, you’re going to get educated at the same time, on nutrition, on how to move properly, not just with a barbell or trying to do pull-ups or push-ups, but in your everyday life.”

Brian Holmes – Owner & Founder

“Our gym is built on community. That’s our structure. We do everything for the members… There’s a lot of negativity around. We’re all about 100% positivity. We’re here to help everybody and make everybody better as a team.”

Trent Miller – Owner & Coach

“We really care about how people function outside these walls in this gym and we want people to be better, more functional humans for as many years of their lives as we can possibly make them. And we want that for the people they care about, because we feel like it makes the community better.”

John Stammerman – Owner & Coach

You can read more at and watch our “WHY’s” video. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.

– Brian, Trent, & John

Ultimate Guide to Getting Back to Where You Used To Be

We have the secret to get all your gains back. We have the means to catapult your Fran time and Grace time back to what they were years ago.

Except it doesn’t happen quickly. And it’s really not a secret. Here it is:

  • Mechanics
  • Consistency
  • Intensity

(Specifically in that order)

Mechanics refers to technique—your ability to move properly through our core movements (squats, presses, lifts, body weight movements & gymnastics holds). For us, this means moving yourself and external objects in the most efficient, effective and safe manner possible.

Consistency has a two-part application: 1) That you are consistent in performing the mechanics of the movement; and 2) That you are consistent in workouts. Both are necessary! High intensity, functional workouts are very potent medicine; too much too soon and you can severely hurt yourself. Luckily, the body adapts quickly, and before you know it, you will be hitting each workout with maximum personal intensity.

Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with the rate of return on favorable adaptation. More simply put, intensity brings about all the good results from working out. However, we also have to realize that intensity is relative to our physical and psychological tolerances. This is a process, and one that takes an indeterminate amount of time, so be patient. Elite-level athletes may be ready to ramp up their intensity in a couple of weeks, while de-conditioned athletes can take months or longer.

Our goal is to improve your fitness for life; no one ever got in shape overnight. If you gradually exceed what you have done before, soon enough you will be doing the mainsite workouts “as prescribed.”

Chasing your old gains at the gym

All three together: Now that you understand mechanics, consistency and intensity, here’s how they all fit together: While many assume that safety is the main concern with proper mechanics – it is certainly the safest way to train – we can’t emphasize enough that sound technique is the most efficient and effective road to fitness. Proper movements will allow you to lift more weight, perform more repetitions faster, or both. More work in less time means higher average power (force x distance / time = power). Higher average power means higher intensity. Higher intensity means better results. Therefore, proper mechanics are the ideal supports for the bridge to fitness.

Set Smart Goals

Rather than chasing old lifts or old WOD scores, set up a goal specific to today’s workout. For example, today we did the following:

Today's workout

Set a goal of finishing every portion of the 15 air squats in each round of “Strict Cindy” unbroken with consistency and great mechanics. You can move slowly through them, but you won’t stop until all 15 are done each round. Small, smart, and attainable goals add up over time and leave you feeling accomplished and re-motivated. No need to chase someone else or one of you old scores.

“Please remember to take things slowly and scale as needed. Please have grace with all of us and one another as we navigate these new waters together. It will take some patience”

– Coach Meg

Reserving and Checking In to a class

With our new Coronavirus gym & facility procedures in place, we now have to RSVP for each class we’d like to attend and check in once we arrive. Using the Zen Planner mobile app is the easiest and fastest way to do this. Check out a quick video tutorial:

Limited Class Sizes

We have to limit the size of each class to follow the guidelines of our local Kentucky health officials. While this is different than how we ran the schedule in the past, it’s not a bad thing necessarily. Our coaches will have more time to spend with each member in a smaller class, meaning you get more dedicated attention every time you’re in the gym.

To start off in June 2020, we’re limiting attendance to 3 sessions a week for each member so we can make sure everyone gets an opportunity to adapt to these new procedures. RSVP’s can only be made 24 hours in advance of a scheduled class. If you’ve RSVP’ed but can’t make it, please cancel that reservation at least 3 hours prior to the class so that any member on the waitlist can attend.

More Help and Information

Here’s a few more links you can review for more help on using Zen Planner to RSVP and check in: